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What are some indicators that I should fix my basement?  

Besides the obvious signs of puddles on your floor or water trickling down from your wall there are several ways water damage rears its ugly head:

  • Musty odors
  • Mold and / or mildew
  • Damp spots on the walls 
  • Dry Rot
  • Cracked walls
  • Cracks in the floor
  • Peeling paint
  • White chalky substance on walls
  • Rust on appliances or furniture
  • Warped paneling
  • Browned stains on the wall

Why should I fix my basement?

  • To utilize the space as an increased living area (family room, extra bedroom, game room) or for extra storage space
  • To ensure a structurally sound foundation
  • To prevent termite and insect infestation
  • To prevent electrical shock hazards
  • To prevent the deterioration of your property value
  • To prevent mold and mildew growth and the problems that arise from the two
  • Because it is less expensive to fix and maintain your basement than it is to add an addition on your home.
  • To create a healthier home environment
  • To avoid further damage or future damage to your stored belongings
  • To prevent / minimize radon intrusion

What are a few factors that may contribute to water damage, or basement flooding and dampness?

  •   The settling or shifting of your house
  •   A low landscape
  •   A poorly installed drainage system, not pitched correctly.
  •   Neighboring yards sloping towards yours
  •   A neighbor added an addition or installed a swimming pool.
  •   Chemical breakdown of concrete walls

Why does my basement leak?

Your basement may leak for several reasons. The drain tile installed, or lack of drain tile, may become clogged with silt and settlement, causing it to fail. The parging done on the outside of your home may have deteriorated causing water to enter the foundation. Your sump pump may be working improperly. A professional inspector from Basement Solutions of New England, Inc. is trained to notice these signs and will help determine exactly why your basement is leaking.

How do I know where the water is coming from?

Water can enter a foundation many ways; the most common source is through the cove area (where the floor and the wall meet). The cove area is a natural seem where the water can most easily penetrate your foundation. A second common source is through hydrostatic pressure. This will cause water to penetrate through cracks in your floor and/or walls. Many other sources are common, though not as easily visible. Call Basement Solutions of New England, Inc. today for more information or to schedule an appointment for a free inspection.

What causes the musty smell in my basement?

The musty smell in your basement is most likely caused from mold, fungus spores, or mildew. This can potentially spread and cause asthma, respiratory problems, and allergic reactions in people and should be taken care of immediately. Call Basement Solutions of New England, Inc. today to schedule a free inspection.

What is the white chalky substance I see on my walls?

The white chalky substance on your walls is most likely efflorescence. Because concrete is made of more than one material, an excessive amount of water is in your walls can cause a chemical breakdown of the bonding agent in concrete that hold your wall together. This problem, over time, may leech the lime cement out of the wall, leaving nothing to keep it together.

Why do I have cracks in my wall or floors

Cracks in your walls and floors can result from several different factors. Cracks can be a sign of settling in the foundation or they can be caused from pressure build-up of water around or under your foundation. Cracks in your floors or wall can also be a sign of movement. With nearly 47 tons or more of pressure resting on your foundation walls, they must be maintained. If you have visible cracks in your floors or walls call Basement Solutions of New England, Inc. today for a free inspection.

What does it cost to have my basement waterproofed?

The cost of waterproofing a basement depends on what needs to be repaired or installed and what method you choose to fix the problem area or prevent future damage. Basement Solutions of New England, Inc. does, however, perform all inspections and estimates free of charge!

Does Basement Solutions of New England guarantee their work?

Yes, we offer a full warranty on all of our services.

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